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Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, and I hate when people get discouraged for it. Whether you're a size 7 or a size 24, or anything under or above, you should be accepted for who you are. So I got the idea for a community, where you could just be yourself comfortably. Post about anything. It's not a rating community, persay. Just a community where chicks (and maybe some dudes) can hang out and be themselves and not have to worry about being judged. Come on and join, and fill out the survey. And it'd be fantastic if you could put it all behind a LJ-Cut. Click here if you don't know how.

1) Tell us your name:
2) Of course your age:
3) And where you live:
4) Compile a short list of your most favorite bands/singers:
5) Literature:
6) List all the things you're good at, otherwise known as your talents/hobbies:
7) Tell a secret passion/obsession of yours:
8) Tell your favorite quote and explain what it means:
9) Show off your sexy body: (black and white are okay, but try not to be too much photoshoped)
10) Take a picture of a random body part: (can be anything, as long as it's clothed)

Alright. There's only one rule. Be nice. Come on, make it a nice place. There are plenty of other places on LJ to be bitchy and put down people.

And please do not post pictures of your vagina. I will delete the post and most likely ban you. Thanks.